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The lumpy virus has affected more than 60000 cattle causing deadly effects.

The capripox virus causes lumpy skin disease.

Further, it causes an eruption of nodules in the skin throughout the body and reduces milk production, nasal discharge, hyper-salivation, loss of appetite, and fever.

There is no particular treatment to prevent this disease but with the dedicated efforts of the whole team of Immuno Life Pvt Ltd.

30M has a variety of 100% ayurvedic vet supplements that can bestow them with the best of health and can strengthen their immunity to fight the deadly virus causing lumpy skin disease.

Our ayurvedic supplements have no side effects and can successfully cure lumpy skin disease at the earliest.

Lets us look at a few of the veterinary feed supplements by Immuno life.

30M Vitamin H liquid

It comprises Vitamin A, D3, E, H, and Selenium, serving as multivitamin liquids for Livestock and Poultry.

Few of its remarkable benefits are stated as:

30M UT Plus Liquid

Made from key ingredients like:

  • This ayurvedic liquid improves uterine health.
  • Minimizes uterine infection.
  • Improves retention of placenta.

30M Hydration Solution

This ayurvedic blessing of 30M is beneficial to provide the required quantity of electrolytes to the veteran and thus prevent them from dehydration.

30M Mineral Mixture Chelated

Immuno Life Pvt Ltd has developed a remarkable combination of necessary minerals that act as cattle and veterans’ health and immunity boosters.

30M Fat Booster Powder

This health supplement by 30M is beneficial for animals to gain the required fat.

30M Calcium Gel

It is an effective solution to meet up the calcium deficiencies of the veterans.

30M Batisha Powder

It is composed of ingredients that foster the healthy digestive system of animals and boost their appetite. Also, it is efficient for stomachache and better assimilation of nutrients.


Immuno Life Pvt Ltd is a registered firm working hard for the better health and wellness of animals through 100% ayurvedic veterinary supplements exhibiting zero side effects. As Lumpy skin disease is a serious cause of concern for cattle and buffalo’s, 30M has used the power of Ayurveda to make an effective remedy. We use 100% natural ayurvedic products suggested by our health experts, which are safe and curable.

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