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Bhringraj Onion Hair Oil

  • For Men & Women girls boys
  • Suitable For All Hair Types
  • Applied For Anti-hair Fall, Stress Relief, Luster & Shine, Hair Thickening, Hair Strengthening, Anti-dandruff, Hair Growth, Healthy Scalp
  • Sulphate Free
  • onion hair oil ayurvedic helpful reduce grey hair and gives hair growth to you so you get better hair growth . Redensyl present in this oil is helpful for hair regrowth


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This Uses Ingredients Bhringraj, Onion, Amalaki, Yashtimadhu, Fenugreek Seeds, Jatamansi, Neem, Brahmi, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Camphor Oil, Shankhpushpi, Lemon Oil, Til Oil, coconut Oil for your hair growth.

Immuno Life


Bhringraj – Promotes hair growth and prevents dandruff
Onion – Nourishes hair follicles and reduce breakage of hair
Amalaki – Reduce premature pigment loss from hair
Yashtimadhu – Combat premature balding
Fenugreek Seeds – A rich source of iron and protein
Jatamansi – Contains antioxidants and other herbs for speedy hair growth
Neem – Conditions dry hair and treats lice
Brahmi – Prevent split ends and gives a soothing effect
Almond Oil – Nourishes and soften the hair
Olive Oil – Prevents hair from cell damage
Camphor Oil – Cleanses hair scalp and help as a disinfecting agent from polluted air and harmful rays of sun
Lemon Oil – Maintain healthy scalp and having astringent and antibacterial properties
Til Oil – Keep roots stronger
Coconut Oil – Adds shine to hair

Customers reviews

  1. Immuno Life (store manager)

    Hi Simranjeet,
    We appreciate you sharing your wonderful experience with us! Thanks for being a member of the 30mshop.

  2. Simranjeet (store manager)

    Superb Hair Oil. Helps my damage hair. Highly Recommended !!

  3. khushiuppal.11 (store manager)

    Effective. Love it.

  4. Sanchita (store manager)

    Just love this oil, i have hair loss and try almost everything. After using this Bhringraj Onion Hair Oil my hair loss is controlled.

  5. Bhavin (store manager)

    Overall Good.

  6. Sonal Gupta (store manager)

    Superb hair oil, increase strength and growth.

  7. Simran (store manager)

    Best Hair oil for my hair growth.

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