Ingredients and their benefits:

  • Sesame Oil – Has strong anti-inflammatory properties
  • Olive Oil – Contains large amount of antioxidants and helps in preventing strokes
  • Flax seeds – Contains high quality proteins
  • Ginger Oil – Soothes redness and eliminates bacteria
  • Turmeric Oil – Relieve inflammation
  • Jatamansi Oil – Calms down the brain and manage anxiety
  • Gandhpatri Oil – Relieves pain and aches
  • Camphor Oil – Eases pain, inflammation and have disinfectant properties
  • Mint Oil – Relieve tension, headaches and migraines
  • Wintergreen Oil – Having analgesic and anti-bacterial properties
  • Clove Oil – Gives relief from burns and wounds
  • Ajwain – Relieves indigestion, bloating and gas


Ingredients of massage Oil

How to use:

How to use massage Oil

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Ingredients of massage Oil


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