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Unveiling the vision of Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd.: A story of empowerment and Community Focus

In a heartwarming discussion with Ms. Punam Gupta, Director of Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd., we delve into the company’s inspiring origins and unwavering commitment to community well-being. Established as a startup in 2020, Immuno Life transcends mere brand status, operating as a beacon of both health and altruism. Unlike traditional businesses solely focused on profit, Immuno Life embodies a deeper purpose, weaving social responsibility into the very fabric of its operations.

From Humble Beginnings To A Catalyst For Change

Ms. Gupta’s Company’s official name, “Immuno Life,” encompassing two distinct brands – “30M” and “OOLHA” – each leaving their mark on the health and wellness landscape. The company’s remarkable journey began amidst the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, taking root on May 22, 2020. Witnessing the struggles surrounding essential products and immunity solutions, the company arose not just to meet a market need, but to empower individuals and communities to prioritise their health and well-being. This commitment to a broader social purpose distinguishes Immuno Life from its competitors, establishing the company as a catalyst for positive change in the healthcare landscape.

Driven By The Core Of Immunity: A Holistic Approach To Empowerment

The company’s name, “Immuno Life,” reflects this profound motive. Initially focusing on Ayurvedic and herbal cosmetics, Immuno Life swiftly saw the need to broaden its offerings. They evolved into a comprehensive provider of essential health products, including masks, sanitizers, and PPE kits – crucial resources during a time of immense need. This adaptability and commitment to addressing evolving needs during the pandemic showcased Immuno Life’s responsiveness and dedication to public well-being.

A Pioneering Model of Corporate Social Responsibility

Uniquely, Immuno Life operates under a pioneering model of corporate social responsibility that goes beyond mere philanthropy. Two percent of its profits are dedicated to societal upliftment, partnering with the “Together We Can” foundation. This ensures the company’s success translates into tangible benefits for the community, exemplifying a purpose that extends far beyond maximising profit. This commitment not only strengthens the community but also fosters a sense of shared responsibility and collective progress. This innovative approach to corporate social responsibility sets a powerful example for other businesses, demonstrating how financial success can be intertwined with social impact.

Beyond “Fit India”: Redefining Wellness Through Innovation and Empathy

The company’s ethos is encapsulated in the tagline, “Fit India and Happy Farmers.” Ms. Gupta defines “Fit India” not just as physical fitness but as providing value-for-money products with no side effects. Their flagship product, the Tulsi Nasya Inhaler, embodies this philosophy perfectly. This herbal creation boasts anti-viral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, promoting respiratory health naturally. However, Immuno Life’s commitment extends beyond offering individual products. Ms. Gupta reveals that their products are designed for daily use, not just during illness, promoting overall well-being. The chemical-free Tulsi Nasya Inhaler exemplifies this focus, ensuring a side-effect-free experience for users. This dedication to preventive and holistic healthcare empowers individuals to take charge of their well-being, fostering a culture of proactive health management. By offering innovative and effective solutions while prioritising the user experience, Immuno Life redefines the landscape of wellness, moving beyond mere physical health to encompass emotional and social well-being.


Envisioning a Brighter Future: Expansion and Enduring Commitment:

As Immuno Life continues its journey, Ms. Gupta foresees the introduction of new products under the brands “udshree” and “olwomen,” further expanding their health and wellness solutions. Their aspirations go beyond enriching individual lives; they envision contributing significantly to the nation’s economic growth and fostering a healthier and happier future for all. With their unwavering dedication to community well-being and commitment to holistic healthcare solutions, Immuno Life stands as a shining example of a business that can be a force for positive change in the world. Their journey serves as an inspiration to other businesses, demonstrating the power of integrating social responsibility, innovation, and empathy into the core of their mission. Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd. is also incubated by NIFTEM and received an amount of Rs. 5 Lac approx.

About The Founder, Ms. Punam Gupta

Punam Gupta, the visionary leader and founder of Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd., embodies the company’s unwavering commitment to health and well-being. Her personal journey, marked by a deep understanding of the power of nature and a strong sense of social responsibility, fueled the creation of Immuno Life. Driven by compassion and a desire to empower individuals and communities, Ms. Gupta has steered the company to become a leader in the health and wellness sector, while simultaneously leaving a lasting positive impact on society. With Ms. Gupta’s unwavering leadership and dedication, Immuno Life is poised to continue its remarkable journey, shaping a healthier future for all.

Immuno Life: ‘’Serving for Healthiness’’

To learn more about IMMUNO LIFE PVT. LTD., visit:

Website: www.30mshop.com 


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/immuno-life-pvt-ltd/

Together We Can Foundation: https://twcfngo.org/

Oolha | Kumkumadi Face Serum | Paraben Free | Silicon Free | Sulphate Free

Kumkumadi face serum is a traditional Ayurvedic skincare product that has gained popularity for its potential benefits for the skin. The name “Kumkumadi” is derived from the ingredients used in the serum, with “Kumkuma” meaning saffron in Sanskrit. It is known for its use in improving the complexion and overall health of the skin.

The key ingredient in Kumkumadi face serum is usually a blend of several powerful herbs and oils, including saffron (Kesar), sandalwood, turmeric, and other botanical extracts. These ingredients are carefully combined in a carrier oil, such as sesame oil or almond oil, which helps to nourish and moisturize the skin.

The potential benefits of Kumkumadi face serum may include:

  1. Brightening the skin: Saffron, turmeric, and other herbal ingredients in the serum are believed to have skin-brightening properties, helping to improve the complexion and reduce the appearance of dark spots or blemishes.
  2. Anti-aging effects: Some of the herbal extracts in Kumkumadi face serum are rich in antioxidants, which can help neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress on the skin. This may potentially slow down the aging process and help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  3. Hydration and nourishment: The carrier oils used in the serum, such as sesame or almond oil, are deeply nourishing and can help keep the skin hydrated and supple.
  4. Reducing inflammation: Turmeric and sandalwood, among other ingredients, have anti-inflammatory properties that may soothe the skin and reduce redness or irritation.

It’s essential to note that individual results may vary, and the effectiveness of Kumkumadi face serum depends on factors such as skin type, specific skin concerns, and the quality of the product used. If you’re considering using Kumkumadi face serum, it’s a good idea to do a patch test first to check for any potential allergic reactions or skin sensitivities.

As with any skincare product, it’s best to consult with a dermatologist or skincare professional before adding a new product to your routine, especially if you have any pre-existing skin conditions or concerns.

30M 7 in 1 Ayurvedic Shampoo | Paraben Free | Silicon Free | Sulphate Free

Ayurvedic shampoos are hair care products based on the principles of Ayurveda, a traditional system of medicine that originated in India over 5,000 years ago. Ayurveda emphasizes the balance of mind, body, and spirit and uses natural herbs and botanicals to promote overall health and well-being, including hair care.

The key features of Ayurvedic shampoos include:

  1. Natural ingredients: Ayurvedic shampoos are typically made from a blend of natural herbs, fruits, and essential oils. These ingredients are believed to be gentle on the hair and scalp and are less likely to contain harsh chemicals that could damage or irritate the scalp.
  2. Promoting hair health: Ayurvedic shampoos often claim to nourish and strengthen the hair, promote hair growth, reduce hair fall, and prevent dandruff. The ingredients in these shampoos are chosen for their specific properties, such as stimulating hair follicles, improving blood circulation to the scalp, and providing essential nutrients to the hair strands.
  3. Balancing doshas: According to Ayurveda, there are three doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—that govern various aspects of health, including hair health. Ayurvedic shampoos may be formulated to balance these doshas, depending on an individual’s specific hair and scalp needs.
  4. No harmful chemicals: Ayurvedic shampoos often avoid harsh chemicals, such as sulfates, parabens, and artificial fragrances, which can be detrimental to hair and scalp health.

It’s important to note that while Ayurvedic shampoos can be beneficial for some people, individual results may vary, and not all products claiming to be Ayurvedic are created equally. As with any product, it’s a good idea to read reviews, check the ingredients, and determine if a particular shampoo is suitable for your hair type and needs.


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